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    Cleaning & Power Washing on Long Island

    Long Island, look no further. Grime Fighters can handle all your cleaning needs.

    Both commercial and residential. All interior and exterior spaces.

Commercial & Residential

Window Cleaning
and Power Washing

Grime Fighters is a fully insured team of cleaning fanatic professionals, totally prepared to take on all messes and all sizes. Whether it’s your home, office, restaurant or retail space, Grime Fighters is ready to annihilate dirt and grime wherever we’re needed. Contact us today to schedule power washing, window cleaning, commercial cleaning services, gutter cleaning and repairs, or even custom, project-based services.

Grime Fighters

Grime Fighters is a passionate team of dirt busting clean freaks, and we treat every single home or office like it’s our own. The cleanliness of your home or business isn’t just a direct reflection on you, but us. Therefore, we’re committed to delivering an exquisite and incomparable clean you absolutely can’t find anywhere else.

With complete and customizable cleaning plans, which we tailor to fit you, your schedule and your budget, Grime Fighters prioritizes the total satisfaction of our clients by placing quality and convenience at the forefront of our service. Here, we firmly believe in the power of a clean and sparkling home or office. We believe you should never underestimate the positive effect a fresh, clean and spotless home or work environment can have on everyone in it. A clean office or retail space will improve morale, increase productivity and drive up sales! Additionally, a radiantly clean home provides a warm, inviting atmosphere for you and your family.

Specializing in Both

Commercial & Residential Properties

Power Washing

Transform your outdoor space, increase your curb appeal and revitalize your home or business with Grime Fighters’ power washing services.

Gutter Cleaning

Let us eliminate the debris and organic buildup that’s obstructing your gutter channels while sparing you the headache and the hazard of doing it yourself.

Wide Range of Services

Pressure Washing • Soft Washing • Window Cleaning • Gutters and Awnings • Roof Cleaning • Shrink Wrapping