Window Cleaning

At Grime Fighters, we’re a passionate team of dirt-busting clean freaks, and we’re committed to giving you the deepest and most brilliant clean imaginable. Few things are as unpleasant in homes or offices as dirty, dull and blemished window panes. They can have a very depressing effect on your home or business. Unfortunately, without the help of the pros at Grime Fighters, trying to remove the stubborn residue that accumulates on windows can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Grime Fighters employs a massive range of specified cleaning techniques to transform your windows from dirty and depressing to bright, vivid and positively dazzling. You should never underestimate the power of crystal-clear, spotless windows, and at Grime Fighters, we’re committed to delivering them for you.

We happily serve both residential and commercial properties and can tackle messes of all sizes and difficulties. Our team employs an application of the most safe and effective solutions in order to remove all of the dirt, grime, mildew and contaminants with brilliantly clear and streak-free results. Once we’ve done the job, you’ll realize what a magnificent difference clean windows can have on your home or office! Clean and sparkling windows aren’t just a reflection on you or your business, they’re a reflection on ours, as well. Therefore, we’re passionate about treating every home or office we service as if it’s our own.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We all lead very busy lives – and when we’re at the office, we’ve got a million different things to manage on a daily basis. Without regular professional window cleaning, dirty windows can cast a poor reflection on your business. And, cleaning your windows yourself can be frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes hazardous if your windows are at a certain height.

With Grime Fighters’ commercial window cleaning service, our team of pros can take on any mess, any size, guaranteed. No matter how dirty or blemished your windows might be, we’ll restore them to pristine and crystal-clear on your time and within your budget. Regardless of you or your company’s needs, Grime Fighters will collaborate closely with you every step of the way in order to guarantee that you’re content with every aspect of our services.

With highly efficient, non-abrasive and proprietary cleaning systems, Grime Fighters and our team of experienced professionals won’t rest until your business’s windows are brilliant and sparkling again. You can eliminate the stress, the headache and the hazard with Grime Fighters and our window cleaning services.

Residential Window Cleaning

Most household glass cleaners simply don’t do the trick, and contain legions of toxic chemicals in their formula. Cleaning your own house’s windows is a difficult, time-consuming and even dangerous task. Getting worthy and professional results on your own is virtually impossible. With Grime Fighters, we’ll save you the time, energy, stress and danger and transform your windows ourselves!

As a fully insured, experienced, reliable and professional service, Grime Fighters eliminates the headache and delivers unprecedented and incomparable results. We proudly employ a proprietary, incredibly effective and non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning system to completely strip your windows of dirt, contaminants and toxins. In addition, we guarantee not only the safe removal of contaminants, but streak-free, crystal-clear and sparkling windows that you absolutely can’t find anywhere else.

Screen Repair

A clean window isn’t much if it’s paired with a torn, shredded screen. An intact screen is a crucial component to having gorgeous, brilliant windows. A ripped screen can be just as unflattering as filthy windows. That’s why we’ve made sure to master the art of screen repair to guarantee that your home or office’s windows are 100% perfect.

At Grime Fighters, our team can perform expert screen repairs along with our proprietary window cleaning. With a wide selection in fabrics, textures and patterns, we can provide you with countless options to compliment your home or office’s windows and enhance your washing. In addition to repairs, we offer replacements, re-screening and new frames to customize to your liking. What’s a stunningly clean window without an equally ornate screen to compliment it?

Mirrors & Skylights

Grime Fighters makes it our mission to turn your home or office into a spotlessly clean paradise. Whether it’s your windows, sidewalks, patios or siding, we’re committed to annihilating dirt, grime, grease, mold and mildew. To Grime Fighters, nothing is off limits, and we’ll dust, scrub, cleanse or polish anything you need cleaned.

In the same way we’ll make your windows shine, we’ll transform any mirror of any size and give it a luminous, crystal-clear surface. In addition to your mirrors, we’ll tackle any number of skylights and restore them to their original brightness and radiance. Whether you need it done in your home, office or anywhere else, Grime Fighters is more than capable of applying our proprietary, safe and effective cleaning techniques to anything you like, including mirrors and skylights.